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Whether you call it co-packing, contract packing or white labeling, partnering with Co-Packaging Solutions is an easy and efficient way to get your products to distributors and operators.

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If things have been steadily on the rise for your company and demand is beginning to eclipse the other aspects of business, it might be time to consider a co-packer. But before you do, there are a couple of things that need to be considered. Outsourcing is a big step to take. It requires a lot of conversation and evaluation within the company.

Before you go forth and pursue a co-packer ask yourself if:

  • You have the revenue
  • Your product is as fine-tuned as possible
  • The demand is there
  • You’re ready to take this next rather large step.

A co-packer will take what you’ve got and run with it, which means that all of the instructions come down to you. Co-packers will need to know exactly the steps, materials, and time it will take to create your product time after time without fail. If you don’t have your system down pat, they certainly won’t.

While a co-packer can save you a ton of time, there are costs attached to outsourcing. This kind of growth doesn’t come cheap but knowing exactly what you’ll sink into a co-packer and what you can make from that boom in products is a cost evaluation that must be done.

Certainty about whether demand for your product is enough to handle a minimum volume of 200+ units is a question any business seeking a co-packer should consider. If your demand is stalling or even beginning to decline, a co-packer will not turn things around and could leave you with more products than can be moved.

Going with a co-packer can be an absolute game-changer for businesses that are in the right place to take the plunge. If the next step for your business is mass manufacturing, out-of-office storage, and professional packaging, it might be time to look for a co-packer. Co-Packaging Solution‘s mission as a co-packing company is to create a professional partnership with each client.

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